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Thank you for using XFunnels. We covered almost everything in this document that how easily you can create your funnels that convert, create your website in a single click and add your products. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help document, please feel free to contact us. You can write your question in the form of ticket using the link given at the top of the page.

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How to create my first funnel?

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Add product to XFunnels?

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Add Custom Domain

Video Tutorials

XFunnels dashboard walkthrough.

Xfunnels Page Builder overview.

Creating a Funnel and dashboard description.

Creating a product inside of XFunnels.

How to access the knowledge base and support for XFunnels?

Saving Settings and changing password for XFunnels.

Creating an opt-in funnel and connecting your Autoresponder.

Xfunnel essentials before creating your funnels

  1. Step 1: Adding and positioning your background image in XFunnels

  2. Step 2: Adding headline and paragraph text in XFunnels

  3. Step 3: Adding a coundown timer and a video in XFunnels

  4. Step 4: Adding a button and connecting to a product

  5. Step 5: Adding an html form code optin in xfunnels

How to manage grouping in XFunnels

How to add a video background inside XFunnels

How to use the Button styles inside XFunnels

How to use the Button modes inside XFunnels

How to add your SEO settings inside of XFunnels

How to integrate XFunnels to HQWebinar?

How to add Chatbots inside of XFunnels?

How to use a branded sub-domain with free SSL in xfunnels using CNAME feature in Cloudflare?

Adding members to your team in XFunnels

How to connect the funnel pages inside XFunnels

How to manage blocks inside the builder?

How to create a responsive page in XFunnels?


  1. Integrating Paypal into XFunnels

  2. Integrating Stripe into XFunnels

  3. Integrating Mailchimp into XFunnels

  4. Integrating Getresponse into XFunnels

  5. Integrating IContact into xfunnels

  6. Integrating ActiveCampaign into XFunnels

Add another page in funnel

Reseller licence: Customer creation

Tracking Code addition to each page

You can do it in 3 easy steps. Here, is a video to help you out.

How to integrate an app with

You can do it in 2 easy steps:

How to onfigure settings in XFunnels

You can do it in 2 easy steps:

Advanced Page Builder

Features of FrontEnd Licence

Features of OTO2

Frequently Asked Questions

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